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Tocsen GmbH


Freiburg im Breisgau


in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Founder and owner

Alexander Schumacher
Andreas Botsch
Malte Buttjer


Media contact

Theo Fehrenbach



Tocsen is a system consisting of a crash sensor and a smartphone app, which detects crashes of outdoor athletes and automatically calls for help in case of emergency, if the user himself is no longer able to do so.

Founding team

  • Alexander Schumacher, '82, Dipl. Ing. Automotive Engineering, Ex-Product Manager International as well as Engineer for Automotive Sensor Technology, Managing Director and responsible for Data & Strategy
  • Andreas Botsch, '84, Bachelor of Economics, Ex-Strategic Industry Manager focus: Strategic development of the Chinese
    market, Managing Director and responsible for Money & Speech
  • Malte Buttjer, '87, Bachelor of Arts, many years of independent professional experience in the field of digital media with a focus on web & eCommerce, Managing Director and responsible for Arts & Bytes

Current message

Freiburg im Breisgau

A small crash sensor conquers the bicycle helmet market

UVEX integrates Tocsen into new enduro helmets

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In 2019, three young entrepreneurs from Freiburg will launch the Tocsen crash sensor. Just one year later, Tocsen is available in bicycle and sports shops across Germany. Cooperations with international helmet manufacturers such as Alpina and Uvex follow. Now Tocsen and Uvex have jointly developed two new enduro helmets - with an integrated fall sensor. 

"That we were able to win the market leader as a partner with Uvex is of course ingenious," says managing director Andreas Botsch, "and confirms that we are on the right track with Tocsen." It starts in 2018. Andreas, Alexander and Malte often go mountain biking together. When one of her friends fell heavily alone in the forest and was only found by chance in time, the business idea emerged: a technical solution that automatically calls for help if the accident victim cannot do it himself. 

“We included user feedback from the start,” explains Alexander Schumacher, “It was clear what our emergency system had to be able to do: be 100% reliable, easy to use and, above all, not reduce driving pleasure.” The solution is called Tocsen: a combination of a small precision sensor and a free smartphone app. As soon as the sensor detects a crash, the app asks how the driver is doing. If there is no response for more than 45 seconds, Tocsen sends an automatic emergency call including GPS tracking - to personal emergency contacts and the entire Tocsen community in the area. 

The Freiburg start-up will finance the first series production at the end of 2018 through crowdfunding and will initially sell the smart sensors via its own online shop. The interest of the specialist trade is not long in coming. This year, Tocsen has reached two more milestones: The expansion to winter and equestrian sports and the cooperation with the international brands Alpina and Uvex.

Up until now, the extra small and light crash sensor has only been offered in the flexible version. So it can easily be glued to any standard helmet. For the two new enduro helmets from Uvex, the sensor has now been integrated directly into the helmet. "According to Malte Buttjer, the mobile Tocsen has" a strong brother by its side ". 

The three Tocsen managing directors are certain: the cooperation with Alpina and Uvex is just the beginning. You have already received inquiries from other international manufacturers. 


  • September 2017
    Our friend Tom suffered a broken neck while riding his bike despite wearing a helmet. No memories, multiple loss of consciousness, hikers only find Tom by accident. Today, thankfully, Tom is doing well again.
  • August 2018
    Alex, Andi and Malte decide: No more coincidences!
    The first prototype is created.
  • October 2018
    crowdfunding campaign is successful.
  • April 2019
    Start of series production in Freiburg.
  • September 2019
    Pre-seed funding by Landesbank Bank von Baden-Würtemberg and Ullrich Prediger via Smart Green Accelerator from Grünhof Freiburg.
  • November 2019
    Delivery of the first Tocsen and release of the app.
  • August 2020
    Tocsen Crash Helmet Sensor is sold in specialist shops throughout Germany.
  • September 2020
    Tocsen is integrated into helmets for the first time by uvex and Alpina.

    November 2020
    The team has grown to 16 people.



Tocsen is a system consisting of a crash sensor and a smartphone app, which detects crashes of outdoor athletes and automatically calls for help in an emergency, if the user is no longer able to do so. The Tocsen crash sensor is already sold as a retrofit sensor (in pink, black and grey) for retrofitting to any helmet. An OEM solution integrated into the helmet will be on the market in Q4 2020.

Technology or unique selling propositions

  • System of intelligent crash sensor and smartphone app
  • In the event of a crash, detects the forces acting on the person where they do the most damage: on the head
  • Alerting of personal emergency contacts and the Tocsen community as needed.
  • 100% Made in Germany, from packaging to
    server infrastructure
  • Tocsen GmbH is aware of its social, ecological and
    economic responsibility.
  • Technology: 3-axis accelerometer is fixed on the helmet and connected to the smartphone. If a crash is detected, an acoustic alarm sounds and the app asks the user if everything is okay. If there is no reaction, an emergency call goes to the personal emergency contacts, to all Tocsen users in the vicinity and
    (soon) optionally to the central control center.


  • Winner of the MACS Startup Award 2019 of the marketing community freiburg/südbaden
  • Winner of the Galileo Masters Baden-Württemberg with E-GNSS Incubation Award and E-GNSS Crowdfunding Award
  • ISPO Brandnew Selection 2020

Customer benefit

  • Tocsen saves lives
  • Shortening the treatment-free period after an accident
  • System consisting of crash sensor and smartphone app
  • Crash detection of outdoor athletes e.g. in cycling, riding and winter sports
  • Automatic emergency call after lack of vital signs, e.g. in case of unconsciousness
  • Personal emergency contacts
  • Emergency call to Tocsen Heroes (app user community) in the vicinity.

Business idea

After the mountain bike accident of their friend Tom, who suffered a broken neck despite his helmet and was found unconscious by hikers, the Tosen founders were looking for a solution to avoid such accidents in the future. As passionate outdoor sports enthusiasts, the entire Tocsen team gives everything to ensure that safety is no longer left to chance.
Here, our valuable experience from winter, cycling, riding and climbing sports flows into our work. Of course, we put all our products through their paces in the various sports.

Target group and market volume

Target markets are all outdoor sports where helmets are worn, such as mountain biking, road biking, equestrian sports, inline skating, skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, climbing, etc.

Market volume: Enormous market potential for all activities where wearing a helmet is useful: sports, urban commuting, etc.

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