Level up
your helmet.

Upgrade your helmet with the helmet sensor

  • If you crash, the sensor will activate the app which in turn sends a notification with your location to your emergency contacts and all members in your area.
  • Suitable for all helmets, be it for cycling, riding or winter sports, simply stick it behind your ear on the helmet surface.
  • Rechargeable providing 3 months of battery life based on normal usage thanks to the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
  • As waterproof as an otters pocket. (IP67)
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With Tocsen you'll never ride alone

Cycling, horse riding and winter sports are trendy. Sport in the fresh air is liberating and healthy. But what if you have an accident? Off-road or on a remote road? And there's nobody around to help you? Tocsen has got your back! The system of crash sensor and app detects your crash, asks how you are and sends out an emergency alert if you cannot answer.

Simple. Smart. Safe.

Two riding helmets with tocsens glued on in front of a horse in the riding stable

1. install

You stick the small sensor behind your ear on any hard shell helmet, download the free app and set up your Tocsen system adding your personal emergency contacts.

Skier with Tocsen on helmet in the snowy Alps

2. Get started

Now you can really let it rip! No matter whether on the road or in the woods. As long as your smartphone has signal, your Tocsen will take care of you.

Mountain bike crash

3. Be prepared

In the event of a crash, the sensor notifies the app which will ask you if everything is okay. If you don't react, your emergency contacts and all Tocsen heroes nearby will be alerted and your GPS coordinates will be shared, reducing the critical time until you're found.