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Crash reported message in Tocsen app
Crash detected message in Tocsen app
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Accident report and call for help in Tocsen app

Stick on sensor

  • Precise crash detection
  • Location transfer via APP/SMS
  • Rescue Community & Emergency Contacts

Immediately after a fall, the Tocsen Sensor, mounted on the helmet, automatically alerts your emergency contacts via app and SMS (free of charge) as well as the rescue community nearby.

Urban helmetEin Fahrradhelm mit Tocsen
Emergency calls placed every month
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Worldwide rescue community

Heroes nearby.

Never ride alone

If an alarm is raised, Tocsen users in your area are also alerted: the Tocsen rescue community. This makes Tocsen a strong first responder community, whether on wheels, snow, hooves or on foot.

"I had a very serious mountain bike accident."

Our friend Tom suffered a broken neck despite wearing a helmet. He couldn't remember anything and lost consciousness several times. Hikers found Tom by chance and saved him. We don't want to rely on lucky chances any more!

Portrait von Tom
Horse riding